Sheree M, St Marys

I had been searching for a Jeweller to work with for over 3 months, in helping me create a piece of jewellery for my partnerʼs birthday. This piece was not only unique in its own right, but also had a lot of meaning. From the first consultation right up until the last, it has been nothing but a pleasure. Lucas had taken the time to listen to exactly how I had wanted this piece to look from the type of gold, to the sizing right down to the smallest part of detail.

Lucas also offered his professional opinion, which helped bring this piece to life. One of the most remarkable parts for me was that Lucas included me in every step of the way in making this piece, from originally being a sketch on a notepad to a beautiful crafted finished product. This alone had only helped give this item more sentimental value to my partner and myself. Lucasʼ professionalism was outstanding and I couldnʼt have had a more satisfying experience with this.

Lucas Blacker is my preferred jeweller for any piece of jewellery, his work is simply amazing.

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