Everything Gold is New Again – Remelt and Redesign.

This unique custom designed gold bangle holds a lifetime of memories.

The client owned an assortment of charms, trinkets and chains, small gifts gathered over a lifetime. These items held sentimental value to her, but she was not getting to wear them as often as she would like.

She was reluctant to re-purpose her gold, but it made sense to her that if it was all kept together, the integrity of the sentiment would remain, and she would have a beautiful, precious and wearable design.

She brought these into the workshop to be weighed and assessed for a newly designed piece. There was enough of 9 carat to 18 carat yellow gold to combine and melt up, resulting in a substantial amount of material to produce this gorgeous bangle.

This unique design appears as ‘overlays of sections’ however in this case, sections were carved  from the solid piece and filed to make the stepped shape. The final finish is brushed with polished highlights along the edges.

A thoughtful solution to a common concern, and another way to up-cycle and look after our planet Earth.

See design inspiration below: an 18ct Rose Gold and Aquamarine ring, unique to Lucas Blacker Jewellery.


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