About Lucas Blacker Jewellery

Lucas Blacker is a master jeweller and designer with 45 years of professional experience and expertise to offer you. He works with all precious metals including silver, gold, platinum.

As a multi award-winning jeweller he has been designing and making his own unique style of jewellery since the late 70’s. His jewellery has been exhibited and collected extensively across Australia and overseas.

Lucas established his first business in 1985. In 1989 he travelled to various artistic communities overseas and returned to Australia with a new direction to his designing and making of jewellery.

In 1993 Lucas became a Fellow of the Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia. This is the only jewellery organisation in Australia to recognise a standard of proficiency. Each member or Fellow has their own Makers Stamp and can use the guild Hallmark on their jewellery, a mark of Quality Craftsmanship.

At this time Lucas developed his first collection, showing at Galleries in Sydney and Melbourne and established his first studio gallery at Balmain. This period encompassed 10 years of exhibiting his work around Australia and Asia and representing up to 50 different artists in his gallery. Lucas immersed himself in aspects of the arts from painting, sculpture, ceramics to printmaking. This led him to explore different uses of precious metals and a diverse range of gemstones to get a reputation as one of Australia’s leading innovative designers.

The diverse directions that Lucas has explored has led to him being invited to exhibit in the Artistic Australia Events in Japan and Korea where, over 4 years Lucas exhibited and sold jewellery in over 150 shows. He also visited Japan and Korea many times for these exhibitions and became the most successful jewellery designer of over 50 Australian jewellers that participated in the events.

In 2004 he established his current studio (www.lucasblacker.com.au). Since then Lucas has concentrated on design, individual craftsmanship and the relationship with his clients. This has led Lucas to study hand engraving and becoming a specialist in wax carving as well as developing a whole new skill base and direction in design.

After over 40 years creating stunning pieces, Lucas spent 5 years teaching and sharing his skills, knowledge and experience with his students at private jewellery school Studio 303 – Ernst Pfenninger’s School for Gold and Silversmiths in Leichhardt N.S.W.

In 2021 Lucas wanted to get back into his local creative community and opened his current workshop, Black Cicada Studio. The space is a delightful fusion of a working jewellery studio and art gallery with a peaceful yet eclectic space for hosting workshops, exhibitions and demonstrations through our collaborations with local artists and organisations.

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