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Looking for something different? Perhaps you would like a bespoke custom piece of jewellery designed and made? Or a family heirloom restored?

There are many ways to safely organise repairs, remakes or gifts as needed. You may not need to come into the workshop, we can chat over a number of online platforms, and if we do meet up in person, we’ll keep it short and sweet while practicing physical distancing.

Book an appointment with Lucas today using the form below, and we can catch up to discuss your personal jewellery needs.

Appointments mat be held either online, or in person at the workshop depending upon your preference. Please select either “Lucas Blacker Jewellery Online” or “Lucas Blacker Jewellery Workshop” on the booking form below.

For online bookings, Lucas can meet with you on any number of platforms including Messenger, Facebook Workplace, Google Hangouts, Zoom and Skype. Please include your preferred platform in the “description” field below, as well as your contact details (email address or handle) for it. If you would like to use a different platform to the ones listed prior, let us know below and we will get in touch.

  • Please Note: Lucas Blacker will be away from the 27th of August – 25th of September. He will be available for online consultations, for any jewellery inquiries please contact us at or 0414864671

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