18ct Gold Alternative Solid Signet Rings

Over the last couple of years, I’ve had customers who had pieces made by me back in the 90’s say they loved the weight and structure of the jewellery I was making at the time. As well as new clients enquiring about making signet rings.

After finding inspiration in a few old wax carvings I rediscovered, the idea of the band coming up and unfolding evolved from the organic unfurling of a flower to what my daughter first thought looked like an open book. I felt this combination would be a design that would make a solid ring which could be worn as a signet ring

Handcrafted and designed by Lucas, these signet rings are the first of the collection with one larger at approximately 12mm wide at the top with a straight split with a smaller ring at approximately 10mm with an offset split between the brushed 18ct yellow Gold and Platinum. Made to order and completely unique to you these rings can be made in variety of coloured Golds and Platinum with the possibility of setting gemstones or engravings into your finished ring.

These rings are the perfect unique gift for a loved one or even yourself we have both rings available please see the listed prices below.

18ct Yellow and Platinum Large Satin Signet ring: $4,500.00                                                                             

18ct Yellow and White Gold Smaller Satin Signet ring: $3,800.00                                                                     

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