Tourmaline and Diamond Signet Ring

The Tourmaline and Diamond gemstone signet ring.

This latest signet ring is set with a beautiful buff top Tourmaline, meaning that the stone is has a low polished curve on the top but faceted along the pavilion of the stone. This creates an almost water-like effect in the Tourmaline.

I was inspired by the design concept of a floating bezel, where a stone in a full bezel setting looks like it has been delicately placed over a gap on the top of the band (3rd picture). By having this aspect in the composition, as well as the concave shape in the band. It allows the gold to reflect the light back up through the bottom of the stone enhancing the already rich coloured Tourmaline.
The finishing touches to this ring are the 12 round brilliant cut Diamonds bead set, along the top and bottom of the stone to add a little bit of extra sparkle.

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