Apricot Sapphire Crossover Engagement Ring

Handcrafted 18ct rose Gold, Platinum Diamond and apricot Sapphire crossover engagement ring. This piece was a commissioned by a client for his fiancé. Initially the client brought in a set of ideas with the common theme of autumn colours, that’s where we started playing with champagne and cognac Diamonds before changing tactics and looking at fancy coloured Sapphires.

We found a selection of apricot Sapphires and the client decided on this stunning natural and unheated apricot Sapphire. From here we centred the designs around this stone trying to find the best way to frame this Sapphire. I drew up multiple options, the client showing me different elements he loved until we decided this was the perfect combination. The way the Diamonds highlight the Sapphire and how the curves of the rose gold bring your eyes back to the stone making it the absolute focus of the ring.



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