Handmade Diamond “M” Initial Pendant

This handmade 18ct yellow gold and Platinum Diamond pendant was a commission to commemorate a couple’s 55th wedding anniversary. The wife had been looking to get herself an ‘M’ initial pendant for many years. The husband decided this was to be his gift to her and came to me with another pendant design he felt inspired by, which gave me direction for what they were looking.
The design of the 18ct yellow gold ‘M’ is simple and elegant I raised the ‘V’ of the on top of the arms to create more definition and intrigue within the letter as well as creating a space at the back of ‘M’ to hide the chain loop to ensure that the main focus is the ‘M’. Having the 0.24ct round brilliant cut Diamond at the centre brings in light and sparkle while accentuating the letter, making it the centre of attention. Finally, the curved knife edge along the arms gives a gentle contrast to the strong structure of the letter while the bevelled ends allow for a unique profile to the whole design.



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