Silver Palladium ‘Curled’ Signet Ring — Available now

This handmade Silver Palladium ‘Curled Book’ signet ring draws inspiration from the ocean. This design accentuates the arch of each section and is on a 45-degree angle. While deep concaves create a symmetry to a barrel in a wave just before it starts closing on one end. The twisted offset effect gives the illusion of 2 separate rings that have been soldered together, creating an interesting perspective for the wearer or anyone looking at this gorgeous ring.

Size ‘O’

For more information or to see the past designs that have inspired this piece please contact:

Lucas: 0412 602 109 or

Customised Order Options for this style of ring.

Precious metals available are platinum and 18ct yellow, white, and rose gold, palladium silver (bright and tarnish resistant).

Note: Any variations on this design will require an individual quote for customisation. Please contact Lucas or the studio as above, or book an online appointment to discuss your needs.

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