Silver Rectangular Constructionist Pendant


tion I have utilised negative space, this creates a focus on the strong lines and shapes of each design. By using basic shapes from a flat form, in this case a silver plate, I started creating complete 3D forms that can be both a piece of jewellery and a mini sculpture.

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Silver Rectangular ‘Constructionist’ Pendant — Available now

Handmade in Australia from a solid Sterling Silver plate, this ‘Rectangular’ pendant is part of my latest series of ‘Constructionist’ sculptural jewellery. This pendant has a fine silver, brushed finish that catches the light to flash a brilliant white and is designed to be viewed from all angles.

Pendant size approx. 47mm x 31mm

For more information or to see the past designs that have inspired this piece please contact:

Lucas: 0412 602 109 or

Customised Order Options for this style of pendant.

Precious metals available are platinum and 18ct yellow, white, and rose gold, palladium silver (bright and tarnish resistant).

Gemstones can also be added to this design.

Note: Any variations on this design will require an individual quote for customisation. Please contact Lucas as above, or book an online appointment to discuss your needs.

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