Amethyst and Orange Sapphire “Lotus” Ring

Here is the Amethyst and Orange Sapphire “Lotus” ring that I was commissioned to make. There has been a lot of consultation between the client and myself as there are quite a few components to the design.

First the gems were selected, this was all about getting the right colour of purple, then getting the small orange sapphires to match. I started working on the rose gold setting, fitting the orange Sapphires around the 19mm Amethyst. Then came the basket, in the early discussions we talked about Mandalas and that it had to be based on Lotus flowers.

My final design is based on the 6 sections in a lotus, I have made it very open so the Amethyst can be seen from the side if the ring. All this work has been hand pierced with a saw.

With the band I needed to include more Lotuses, it was important that the ring didn’t look heavy.Each lotus is hand pierced from a dome of white gold so I could make each lotus as light and delicate looking as possible.

Finally after the band and the setting were assembled the client wanted the 3 pear shaped stones to hang from the side of the Orange sapphire frame.

For me it has been a wonderful piece to make and hopefully this conveys some of what goes into a bespoke piece of jewellery.

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